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Our Ideology



Complete the online registration form with full details, a valid contact number, and a valid and accessible email account. You will receive a confirmation email in the email provided upon sign up (check inbox and junk folders). Click on the link to confirm the account. Once your account is confirmed, you can proceed to login with username and password provided during registration to access your newly created account.


Add Payment Options

After confirming your newly registered account, continue to login and complete your payment options which includes a valid bank account details. Adding a valid payment option will speed up the process to help you receive funds from other participants in real time.


Make Donation

Once you’re in your user dashboard, familiarize yourself with your account. You will be matched to donate funds to a participant in the system on your first login. Get in touch with the recipient to make the donation process faster. Once transaction is completed, you will become eligible to start receiving funds from other participants



Once you have made payment and the receiver has confirmed it. All you need now is relax. The system automatically does everything for you. It automatically match participants to pay you as well as carry out an upgrade on your account when due. With our platform, every notification is a credit alert.




Payments Completed

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